About the firm

Company OLEJÁR belongs to the producers of fibreglass laminate products in Slovakia. At the beginning of its activity on the production market it dealed with the production of fibreglass laminate via so-called hand lying and with the production of artificial stones by casting on basis of epoxy bitumen /resin/. The essential turnover came in 2001 when we introduced the vacuum foam system on the basis of unsaturated polyester resin.

We came out of our practical experiences and customers' requests. This progressive system enabled us to reduce the emission to the environment in a significant way, to react more flexible to the needs of the customers, to increase the production and products quality. Production capacity of our company enables us to manifacture the products in small and medium sized sets, also as to produce small and large-capacity products. According to the customers requests we produce to model, form and final product.

In 2008 our company started to deal with the problematic of solving and elimination the barriers for the blinds and the weak-sighted people, we brought some unique slide barriers into the market with, the steel, brass, homogenous ceramic wall tiles and plastic tactile indicators. These products are helpful at the motion for the blinds and weak-sighted people.

We are specialists in the production, delivery and installation of the warnings,- signalling and guide bands in the exterieurs and the interieurs.

All of our indicators are being on quality inspected. We are offering the products of the highest standard in the market at the moment. As a turn-key services provider, we can guarantee not only monitoring of all the standards, but we could assist to the architects and designers by their daily care for the aesthetics of the installation. Our expertness is quick and reliable. We usually work together with our customers and partners, in the way, to be capable of solving all of their problems related to tactile indicators.

Our product features high lifetime also in an aggressive environment, needed high quality and functional reliability.