Vodiace a varovné pásy - Medialine

Medialine is a new and effective product enabling in the quick and very economical method to provide all the needful places with the guide system, guiding bands for the people with the defect of their visus. /for the blinds and the weak-sighted people/.

Advantages of the guide band MEDIALINE:

  1. Simple, quick and time-saving installation
    - The installation of the individual warning bands (stripes) is being performed by the help of the two- component bitumen (resin), with the work of which the workers don't need to carry out any trenching jobs. A few tenth (10) of square metres (m²) of the stripes can be installed within the period of one day.
    Medialine is suitable for the installation on all fixed dustfree surfaces, that in example stone pitch, concrete, the stone,- and marmor-block pavements usually represent.
  2. Huge resistivity
    - The stripes are made of the high-resistant polymer, which is being used for the horizontal marking of motorways in common. Thankful for these properties the stripes are highly efficient and unbreakable nowadays.
  3. 3) Period of service
    - Their period of service lasts for more than 7 years. The guarantee being given on MEDIALINE by the producers is 2 years.
  4. Effectivity
    - The signalling and tactile stripes are being made with emphasis onto their easiest differentiation at the present. Their universal dimension , white colour, also as the largeness and sallies' positioning were designed in order to the fulfillment of their technical conditions and requirements. All of those requirements are presented in the most of international and national standards. By means of their high colour contrast they differ from all other products and so they enable to get perceived by the blinds and the weak-sighted, as well.

Demonstration of the guide band MEDIALINE

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