Ceramic warning - and guide pavings

Ceramic warning - and guide pavings

The raw materials being used for this type of paving-stone are : ceramic clay, quartzite, ceramic stone, feldspar and they all are mixed with the coloured pigment. They are being melt down and finished upon the final temperature cca.1200° Celsius and put together by the method of dry pressing. Homogenous non-glazed ceramic paving-stones after getting installed on the pedestrian zones surfaces enable for the blinds and weak-sighted people their motions on the street communications.

  • Material: ceramics
  • Application: outdoor - indoor places
  • Size: 300mm x 300mm x 15mm
  • Weight: cca. 2,7 kilograms
  • Method of installation: tesselated pavement

Colourful variations of the warning ceramic paving

Ceramic warning - and guide pavings - white Ceramic warning - and guide pavings - black Ceramic warning - and guide pavings - yellow

Colourful variations of the guiding ceramic paving

Guiding ceramic pavings - white Guiding ceramic pavings - black Guiding ceramic pavings - yellow Guiding ceramic pavings - green

Guide and warning ceramic paving in the praxis

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